• Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS (EVSE ATS) Model 8000
Key Features:

It is a customized system based on Chroma 8000 ATS specializing in
verification of EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) and complying with 
SAE-J1772 in programming the test items for operation.

The Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS can simulate various power grid and electric vehicle conditions for EVSE testing 

EVSE ATS Fully complies with SAE-J1772, CNS15511, GB/T 20234.2 test requirements

EVSE ATS softpanel



Optimized standard test items:
The user only needs to confirm the test conditions and specifications

AC Energy Transfer Test S2_Off_1
AC Energy Transfer Test S2_On_1
Control Pilot Abnormal Test-Foward_1
Control Pilot Signal Test_1
Couple Disconnection Test_1
Current Capacticy Test_1
EVSE Invalid Test_1
Harmonic Distortion Immunity Test_1
Input/Output Test_1
Voltage Interruption & Variation Test_1

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Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment ATS (EVSE ATS) Model 8000

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