• Model 62000B series Modular DC Power Supply
  • 1.5kW Per Module up to 120kW System
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Hot Swappable
  • Burn-in and plating application
Key Features:
  • Voltage range: 1 ~ 150V
  • Current range: 0 ~ 2000A (System)
  • Power range: 1.5kW per module up to 120kW per system
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • High Power Density (464 mW / cm3 = 7.13 W/In3)
  • Hot-swappable
  • Ideal for Burn-in & Plating
  • Remote Sense
  • Remote ON / OFF
  • CAN BUS Control
  • DC OK Signal Output

Chroma's new 62000B series of Modular DC Power Supplies offer many unique features for Burn-in and plating/electrolysis applications. The features include a N+1 redundancy, high power densities, hot-swappable maintenance, remote ON/OFF and programmable control via the CAN bus.

The 62000B family offers 5 types of power module with ranging from 1V to 150V, current from 10A to 90A, and offers two mainframe type of six and three position. The six position mainframe can envelop in up to six power modules paralleled operation for 9KW power output. The 62000B can easily parallel up to fourteen mainframe to 120KW with current sharing and CAN bus control for bulk power applications.

The Modular DC Power Supplies of 62000B are very cost effective with high power density and low current ripple. These instruments have be designed for burn-in applications such as the LCD panels, DC-DC converters, power inverters, notebook computers, battery chargers and many other types of electronic devices.

Modern power factor correction circuitry is incorporated in 62000B providing an input power factor above 0.98 to meet the IEC requirements. This PFC correction circuity not only reduces the input current draw and to greatly reduce generation of input current harmonics. Optional graphic Soft Panels and CAN bus control allow for control and monitoring of the power system using an easy to use graphical interface.

Hot-swap Operation Equipped with the functionality of N+1 redundancy and hot-swap, the 62000B Series of modular DC power supplies are most applicable for 24 hours non-stop applications such as the SMD plating production lines, as well as product life burn-in test for IT products like DC converters, LCD backlight inverters and routers

For continuous operation applications the modular hot-swap design allows engineers to replace the failure unit on-site without shutting down the entire system.

High Power Applications with CSU The 62000B modular power supplies are capable of providing high power output up to 120KW/2000A with minimum specification degradation via CSU(Control & Supervisor Unit). Each chassis is designed to accommodate a maximum of 9KW and include current sharing capability to ensure system stability. In addition, for convenient control of even large power systems, a Control & Supervisor unit is provided to set and display output and protection circuits via a standard CAN bus communication protocol.

Available Power Ratings Note: Contact the factory for more information on customization of high power system ( >2000A).

A620007 CSU Key Features:

  • Stand-alone controller for paralleled 62000B DC power for bulk power
  • Digital encoder knobs and function keys
  • Simultaneous display of output voltage and current
  • Standard Analog programmable interface
  • Standard CAN Bus
  • Optional Ethernet interface
  • User define I/O interface

    A620007 Control & Supervisor Unit


    Customized Power Solution

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Model 62000B series Modular DC Power Supply

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