• Model 19301A Impulsing Winding Tester
  • The low inductance applied to smart phone or tablet PC tended to be slim and light on the appearance.
  • Wide range inductance test application(0.1uH~100uH).
  • Impulse Winding Test high sampling rate(200MHz).
  • Contact check & test voltage compensation by measured inductance.
  • B.D.V function(BreakDown Voltage test)

Key Features:
  • 10V~1000V impulse voltage test, with 0.25V test resolution
  • High impulse test sampling rate (200MHz),10bits
  • Inductance contact check function
  • Inductance differential voltage compensation function
  • Apply to High/low inductance test (0.1uH~100uH)
  • Breakdown voltage analysis function
  • Low voltage range to increase the sensibility of waveform analysis (32V/64V/128V/256V/ 512V/1024V)
  • Traditional Chinese/Simplified Chinese/ English user interface
  • USB port for storing waveform & screen capture
  • Graphical color display
  • Standard LAN,USB and RS232 interfaces

The Chroma 19301A Impulse Winding Tester applied with high/ low inductance test technology has 1000V impulse voltage and 200MHz high speed sampling rate that can satisfy mos t of the power inductors test requirements for wide range of inductance products from 0.1uH to 100uH. The built-in Area Size Comparison, Differential Area Comparison, FLUTTER value and LAPLACIAN value functions are able to inspect the coils for poor insulation effectively.

The inspection of winding components includes electrical characteristics and safety withstand voltage tests. Commonly poor insulation of coils is the root for causing layer short and output pin short-circuited during usage. The reason could result from bad initial design, poor molding process or deterioration of insulating materials; therefore, adding the coil layer short test to winding components has its necessity.

The Chroma 19301A is an equipment specifically designed for testing winding components utilizing a high voltage charged micro capacitor (low test energy) and coil under test to form an RLC paral lel resonant. Analy z ing the oscillation decayed waveform via a high speed and sophisticated sampling process technique can successfully detect the coils with poor insulation, also provide withstand voltage tests on winding quality and cores for power inductor components.

Breakdown Voltage ( B.D.V)

The Breakdown Voltage test function of Chroma 19301A uses the voltage slew rate to detect if the Area Size and Laplacian are over the set value and test the coil withstand voltage by setting the start/end voltage and the slew rate. The R&D engineers can perform the product analysis and research to improve the weakness spot of coil via this function.

Contact Check ( Patent)

To avoid poor contact or open circuit that made the fixture probe to f lash due to maximum internal voltage output and cause the DUT to be damaged, the Chroma 19301A will perform Contact Check before testing to prolong the probe’s life.

High/Low Inductance Products Testing

Besides the low inductance products testing technology, the Chroma 19301A also covers the testing for high inductance products from 0.1uH ~ 100uH. The internal inductance detection function is a very convenient operation that enables the user to learn the amount of DUT inductance, switch to proper range for testing and per form compar i son under a proper waveform. A single layer short tester combined with the high/low inductance product testing application not only shor tens the time for equipment change when switching the product line but also reduces the factory facility expense .

4-Wire Test

Since the voltage detection of common 2-wire layer short test device is inside the current loop, the measured voltage is quite different from the DUT for low inductance measurement. The Chroma 19301A uses dual coaxial 4-wire detection to significantly improve the voltage accuracy for correct test results.

Chroma Model 19301


Product Application

High Speed Automatic Testing Application 
The low inductance applied to smart phone or tablet PC tended to be slim and light on the appearance. Since fully automatic testing and packing devices are adopted for inductance production, high speed tester equipment is required to satisfy the high speed production. To fulfill this test application, the Chroma 19301 is equipped with high speed and dual coaxial 4-wire test functions that can reduce the impact of wiring length and work with the layer test automation machine to bring greater efficiency to customers.

SMD Power Choke Test Fixture
The size of low inductance Power Choke is quite small and to facilitate the testing of layer short, Chroma has developed an SMD Power Choke 4-side test fixture (patent) that can work with the 19301 inductance difference voltage compensation to assist the product developer or QA staff in improving the test efficiency.

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Model 19301A Impulsing Winding Tester

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