• Model 6400 series Programmable AC Source

Key Features:

  • Output Rating: 
    1500VA,1ø (6415) 
    2000VA,1ø (6420) 
    3000VA,1ø (6430) 
    6000VA,1ø (6460) 
    1øor 3ø (6463) 
    9000VA,1øor 3ø (6490) 
    Voltage: 0~150V / 0~300V / Auto 
    (6404, 6415, 6420, 6430) 
    0~150V / 0~300V (parallel) (6460) 
    0~300V / 0~500V (serial) (6460) 
    0~150V / 0~300V(6463, 6490)
  • Output distortion less than 0.3%, and peak repetitive current over 2.5 times for rms current 
  • High accuracy measurement for RMS voltage,RMS current, true power, frequency, power factor, and current crest factor
  • Built-in power factor correction circuit provides input power factor over 0.98 to meet IEC regulations
  • Programmable current limit
  • Built-in output isolation relays
  • EEPROM storage for user defined voltage and frequency combinatio for instant recall at anytime
  • Optional GPIB, RS-232, and Analog Programming Interface
  • Over voltage, under voltage, over power, over current, over temperature, and short circuit protection
  • Temperature controlled fan speed
  • Self-test at power-on
  • User-definable power-on state


Chroma 6400 Series Programmable AC Power Source uses state of the art PWM technology to deliver pure, instrument grade AC power at very low cost ever achieved before. The 6400 AC power source offers maximum rated power at frequency from 45 to 1kHz. It is not only suitable for commercial applications (47-63Hz), but also for avionics, marine, and military applications at 400Hz. The 6400 Series Programmable AC Power Source generates very clean output with typical distortion less than 0.3%. With the incorporated of power factor correction circuit, the 6400 AC Power Source yields higher effi¬ciency and delivers more output power than competitive instruments. Furthermore, it is capable of providing high peak repetitive current that is required to drive most electronic products with high crest factor input design. The 6400 AC Power Source uses advanced DSP circuit to offer precision and high-speed measurement for true RMS voltage, true RMS current, true power, frequency, power factor, and current crest factor. The 6400 AC Power Source is very easy to operate through the front panel keypad, or the remote controller via GPIB, RS-232 or APG (Analog Programming) interface. The optional interface is designed as a plug-in card to change the unit in seconds into a computer controlled system power source. Designed with self-diagnostic routine and protections against over voltage, under voltage, overpower, over current, over temperature and fan fail, the instrument has the qualities and reliability that can suit for the most demanding applications in production tests, R&D design, and QA verification.

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Model 6400 series Programmable AC Source

  • Tillverkare: CHROMA
  • Artikelnummer: 6400
  • Tillgänglighet: 6 - 8 Veckor
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